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Red River Blues


The Red River Blues was conceived in 2011 by Chris Aylmer, Richard Webb, Mike Cooling, Chris Egan, Clyde Jefferson and Giles Smith.


Three of the original members remain and, with the help of two local musicians, have created a dynamic and exciting 5-piece band.


Jody Hoare on drums and Andy Herbert on bass guitar provide the foundations for the band with their extensive musical CVs and love of roots music. The rest of the band take full advantage of the duo's driving groove.


Frontman Clyde Jefferson is a multi-talented singer/songwriter who brings rhythm and lead guitar to the mix, including an outrageous sounding slide guitar made from an old pants draw.


Chris Egan, a jazz maestro on sax and EWI, brings a unique blend of Yorkshire grit and Bolivian mystery to his scintillating solos, and Giles Smith, former member of the cult blues band The Ski Animals, completes the line up with some rasping Chicago style blues harp.



So the band lines up like this:


Jody Hoare - Drums and cowbells


Andy Herbert - Bass and backing vocals


Giles Smith - Harmonica


Chris Egan - Saxaphone, EWE and backing vocals


Clyde Jefferson - Rhythm, lead and slide guitar, lead vocals



We've played in:


Festivals, clubs, hotels, conference venues, wedding venues, fields, manor houses, barns, private houses, pubs, village halls, garden fetes, marquees etc

What do other people think?


"Quite seriously the best live band at the Monmouth festival what a great evening, keep doing what you are doing guys." Steve Bedford


"You were fantastic!!!!" Cheryl Cordery


"One of the best nights we have spent at the hall for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed it, it was brilliant to see so many people dancing." Guest ar our recent gig in Bishopswood

Photo courtesy of Steve Fearn

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